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Nationwide Zip Codes
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[Alabama - AL] (818)

[Alaska - AK] (273)

[Arizona - AZ] (528)

[Arkansas - AR] (704)

[California - CA] (2,593)

[Colorado - CO] (649)

[Connecticut - CT] (433)

[Delaware - DE] (96)

[District of Columbia - DC] (292)

[Florida - FL] (1,469)

[Georgia - GA] (953)

[Hawaii - HI] (137)

[Idaho - ID] (320)

[Illinois - IL] (1,576)

[Indiana - IN] (969)

[Iowa - IA] (1,055)

[Kansas - KS] (748)

[Kentucky - KY] (948)

[Louisiana - LA] (719)

[Maine - ME] (485)

[Maryland - MD] (605)

[Massachusetts - MA] (690)

[Michigan - MI] (1,159)

[Minnesota - MN] (1,023)

[Mississippi - MS] (532)

[Missouri - MO] (1,155)

[Montana - MT] (404)

[Nebraska - NE] (620)

[Nevada - NV] (253)

[New Hampshire - NH] (283)

[New Jersey - NJ] (723)

[New Mexico - NM] (426)

[New York - NY] (2,157)

[North Carolina - NC] (1,080)

[North Dakota - ND] (406)

[Ohio - OH] (1,416)

[Oklahoma - OK] (764)

[Oregon - OR] (764)

[Pennsylvania - PA] (2,183)

[Rhode Island - RI] (90)

[South Carolina - SC] (534)

[South Dakota - SD] (385)

[Tennessee - TN] (786)

[Texas - TX] (2,600)

[Utah - UT] (345)

[Vermont - VT] (308)

[Virginia - VA] (1,216)

[Washington - WA] (719)

[West Virginia - WV] (851)

[Wisconsin - WI] (896)

[Wyoming - WY] (195)


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United States..

Area 3,615,211 square feet
Capital - Washington DC
Largest City - New York
Highest Point - Mt. McKinley, 20,320 feet
Monetary Unit - Dollar
Major Language - English
Major Religions - Protestant, Roman Catholic

Major Mineral Occurrences include:

Asbestos, Silver, Bauxite, Gold, Borax, Coal, Clay, Copper, Fluorspare, Iron Ore, Natural Gas, Gypsium,
Mercury, Potash, Mica, Molybdenum, Salt, Petroleum, Phosphates, Lead, Platium, Sulfur, Antimony, Talc,
Titanium, Uranium, Vanadium, Tunsten, Zinc.

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Did You Know...

The chief aims of labor unions are to improve the wages, hours, working conditions, and job security
of its members. Usually, the first step for any union is to get workers to join it. After a union has become
established in a plant or industry, its major functions are arranging labor contracts and handling job disputes.

Did You Know...

On June 27, 1884, Congress established a Burea of Labor in the Department of the Interior. In 1988, Congress
gave the bureau independent status as the Department of Labor, but its head did not serve in the President's
Cabinet. In 1903, Congress established the new Department of Commerce and Labor, and made the Department
of Labor a bureau in it.